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idek wat dis is: Truth blogs are not meant to criticize others for their looks, but to...


Truth blogs are not meant to criticize others for their looks, but to bring out the truth. I am tired of seeing people nit pick dakota over things like ‘her teeth are yellow’ or her legs are ‘fat’, and she dresses like a loli, so pedophiles creep on her.

I feel like people who run truth blogs…

I actually agree with a lot of this post. Okay, not the community itself, and not the “truth” name, and what they do, and all - but calling a girl fat and ugly in an effort to…? To what, exactly? To make other girls feel better somehow?

It doesn’t take a psychologist to see that as jealousy.

And to blame Dakota for the guys who perv out on her, even though, come on, do you seriously mean to tell me you think she dresses sexy? Because no. She doesn’t. Pretty, sure, her clothes could be called that. Even cute, if you’re into that sort of thing. But she’s not exactly putting herself in Hustler here.

Although even if she was, I’d object to calling her anything for it. But I abhor labeling women based on their looks or their sexuality. You may have noticed.

Anyway, while I disagree with this community as a whole, this was still a nice post to see. I hope me liking it somehow doesn’t cause it to implode or get taken down or something. LOL

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Anonymous asked: And if you have never watched the videos then how can you even try to understand the people shes offended and how it's not acceptable. How can you say what she did wasn't racist or homophobic. You're basing your opinions on information you haven't even seen. Also you said you skimmed the apology and hadn't read it in a long time so what makes you such an expert on her when you don't even try to look at the situation completely? You found what suited your argument and ignored everything else.

Did I ever once say what she did wasn’t racist or homophobic? Let me save you the trouble - the correct answer here is “No.” I never denied that at all. So claiming I said otherwise is simply wrong.

How does the fact that I haven’t pored over the apology or committed it to memory or carved it into my skin mean I’m not allowed to have an opinion on Dakota? It doesn’t mean I’m not “looking at the situation completely.” That doesn’t even make sense.

And for the record, I only took away that piece of the apology to comment on because that was the part relevant to what we were discussing at the time. You said she had never apologized, so I copied and pasted the part where she did, because I remembered reading those words (as I do have a fairly good memory for everything that I read). I’m not “taking what suits my argument and ignoring everything else.” I’m attempting to actually meet your points with only what is specific to the discussion; it seems to me, and this is just my opinion, that you’re the one going off on tangents about things only slightly related to the original points we started off discussing.

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Anonymous asked: In regards to your "teens who don't know any better so don't delete the accounts they're being harassed on" comment (paraphrased obviously): When i was 14 years old i started getting hate via myspace, i deleted it within a week and never went back. I was then, in the same year, sexually harassed over msn, i stopped using it immediately. I think most teens, with half a brain, are aware that unless they remove themselves from the situation, nothing will change. Also where were her parents?

That’s good, that you handled things in the manner that you did. Obviously it worked out well for you. But have you honestly never picked up a newspaper or read an online article that discussed how to keep teens safe online, and in it, they had included stories from real teenagers who were harassed? Usually, those same teenagers don’t actually handle it like you did - they don’t immediately step away from their online social lives, where all their friends are. They don’t immediately tell their parents, either, because for a lot of teenagers, that’s just not something that you do. And it doesn’t make them “people with half a brain.” That characterization is quite offensive.

You seem to be laboring under the belief that because you were able to do something at that age, that because it came naturally to you, it should be that way for everybody. But life isn’t like that. The world is just not that simple.

ETA: My life on the weekends is very, very busy. If you send me something and I don’t reply for a few days, it’s not personal, or an insult, or “running away” (as a different blogger just accused me of doing). Just a heads up.

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Anonymous asked: i'm tempted to create a blog similar to yours in which I make fun of the people making fun of other people (or what they call "spreading the truth") :D

So, a parody blog of “truth” blogs? Normally I’d either stay out of it, or suggest simply creating a blog to support Dakota, but since apparently they don’t think there’s anything wrong with things like that I don’t see why the other side can’t have one too. LOL

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Anonymous asked: and people started to careless about them. I bumped into her existence again when I started a tumblr not knowing she was the same person before and I realized she was doing the exact same thing now that she was doing then except now that everyone knew her personality she tried to turn the situation into a false bullying conspiracy.

I stand by how I described it, which is that you and the “truth” blogs have been following this girl since she was a teenager, making sure everyone knows how awful she is and that everyone sees her like you do. You certainly don’t give up on an argument about her, even when it’s made clear to you that the other person won’t see things your way just because you want them to.

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Anonymous asked: 'So in other words, you have been compiling a list of this girl’s faults and mistakes and bad behavior since she really was a teenager?" Assumptions again. I knew about her because we're about the same age. I didn't see her and decided to just make list of her faults. Many people would go to her stickam sessions because she would whore herself around on myspace and I viewed some of them until I realized that she and her sister were horrible. The scene phase died..

Nothing you said actually contradicted what I said. You discovered her, and you’ve been following her because you think she’s horrible, a habit you’ve had for years. The only time you didn’t was during the time between MySpace and Tumblr. I get it. Although I object, on a personal level, to using the word “whore” to describe what a teenage girl does in any capacity. But that’s neither here nor there, I suppose.

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Anonymous asked: Like it says on my blog, this is my side blog so I can't ask personally."She feels that she is not a racist, and that that should be all." That's like me saying. "I'm not racist because I have a black friend." Saying you're not racist and being racist are completely different. Actions speak louder, and her actions have spoke very loud. Saying I loathe her is entirely too strong as well. And no, it's not just the homophobic thing, Kiki and Dakota have been known to do numourous insulting things.

Ah. Well, that I can understand. I respect your privacy. But the offer stands for any “truth” blogger who wishes to see it for themselves.

No, see, that’s not what I was saying at all. I’m not saying she’s not racist. I’m not even saying she is. What I said was, she feels she isn’t, that’s her statement on the matter, and that’s all. Which really is all I know about it, hence my following it up by questioning what racist commentary she was even supposed to have participated in.

Also, I don’t know what else you’d call it, when you obviously can’t stand the girl. I figured it was a less controversial word than hate. So there’s that.

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First of all. I DO NOT HAVE another blog. So I don’t know what you’re talking about. No sarcasm - I honestly don’t.

As for starting with a snide remark - I do that sometimes. Since you could tell it was snide, one would assume you could therefore tell it was not *serious,* and thus, I was not calling lyinglittlegirls a parody blog.

Also, you’re assuming a lot here. One, you’re assuming she didn’t tell anyone she was being harassed. According to the apology post, she did speak to her parents (although it doesn’t say when), and assume she didn’t talk to anyone else just based on the fact that she didn’t get any help isn’t really fair. You can be concerned for your safety and still not know where to go to get help, or even know what to do about it. You’re looking at this from the perspective of a smart, older person, not an immature (which she obviously was, whatever her real age) young girl.

It’s funny that you say she never apologized, though. Maybe her apology spent a bit too long explaining (although a lot of people do the same thing, unfortunately that’s human nature), but here’s what I read in her apology post, completely unedited in any way:

If someone who is homosexual or bisexual was hurt by my jokes or comments(I don’t like calling them jokes, because they weren’t funny but I TRULY didn’t say them seriously), then I sincerely apologize.

Seems like an apology to me. You don’t have to accept it, or believe it, or think it’s enough, or anything - that’s your call, and your opinion, and no one can say your feelings aren’t valid. But she *did* actually apologize. No buts, no howevers, nothing like that.

Also, I didn’t call those pictures bullying. I just said they weren’t spreading truth, which is what everyone tells me is what the “truth” blogs do. If you say you’re going to stand for spreading truth, it just seems weird to me that your idea of truth is a picture that’s only purpose is to make fun of someone. That’s not spreading truth. That’s schoolyard teasing. Hardly what one would expect from blogs that compare themselves so quickly to political newspapers and revolutions.

Also, if “don’t like, don’t read” is your fallback position, then one could offer you the same about Dakota. If you don’t like her, feel free to step away. No one is making you stick around.

“Seems like an apology to me.” Did she apologize for anything else? Did she apologize for being racist as well and for commenting constantly on her ” fans appearances?” Nope. Unless you can point out in that apology where she did that and I missed it. People are not just mad at her for the homophobic remarks. You’re acting like 16 year olds are children that don’t understand whats happening.  I’m not assuming anything. I took what Dakota wrote and stated my opinion based on what she wrote. Based on facts. I wasn’t saying “well based on the sound of this, shes lying.” There is evidence of all of my claims on Dakota’s own behavior. Maybe you should actually read my analysis on her apology on my page before you make assumptions on the extent of what I read.
Smart older person? I am one year older than Dakota. Being stupid and naive is no excuse to call people what she did. So she was too stupid to ignore the remarks and delete her formspring so that gives her a free pass of saying faggit every other word and making fun of overweight people? You’re acting like this harasser went to her house everynight and stalked her. You know what would have stoped the harassment? If she turned off the computer. Now thats not some huge outrageous idea that a 16 year old couldn’t think of. Then maybe she could have made some friends at school. Oh wait, she bullied everyone there as well so they didn’t want to befriend her.

”If you say you’re going to stand for spreading truth, it just seems weird to me that your idea of truth is a picture that’s only purpose is to make fun of someone. That’s not spreading truth. That’s schoolyard teasing. Hardly what one would expect from blogs that compare themselves so quickly to political newspapers and revolutions.”

So once again you’re discrediting a truth blog based on ONE picture that they decided to reblog. See, this is one difference about you, and the truth blogs. Instead of pointing out what good the truth blogs have done, you take One instance where someone uploaded a funny photo and say “WELL DATS NOT SPREADIN TRUTH.” Where most of the truth blogs will remark on the positive things Dakota has done and what they like and dislike about her resent actions. Tell me what newspaper doesn’t have biased cartoons. Tell me one. Tell me one that just gives you straight facts. Most  media is biased that doesn’t mean that the things they report didn’t happen.

You are so…god. Did you even read my statement completely? I guess you skipped the whole example about newspapers? Maybe you should re-read it, because you clearly ignore any points that prove your reasoning to be laughable.

Since when did you become a Dakota supporter. I thought your whole stance was to be un-biased and as you have proven MANY times that you are very biased.
“If you don’t like her, feel free to step away. No one is making you stick around. “
That would be a fair point if my complaints were about having to write about her but they’re not. Do I go to Pro Dakota blogs and reblog everything  that I disagree with, with an attempt to convert them? No. I blog and if someone sees my blog, than they see it. I don’t go out of my way to spread my information. And I like reading about Dakota, so your point is completely invalid and irrelevant.

Once again.

Ps. Stop bullshitting, we know you have two blogs.


I am honestly curious. What other blog? I don’t have another blog, so what are you talking about?

People should be laughing at you but that’d be too difficult, your posts are so boring and so full of stupid that people can only exaggerate a sigh and leave or just get pissed at your utter bullshit. stop saying people need to get “their facts straight” or “stop assuming things” because that advice only applies to you. You backtrack EVERYTHING you say when confronted about it and you even left for a period of time when notahateblog posted why this was not cyberbullying like you claimed. So yes you’ve been debunked before.

I was the one who sent the last 3 anons. No I wasn’t upset, I’m annoyed -_-, yes you strongly implied that you agreed with the other anon. I haven’t debunked anything you’ve said, but notahateblog has. “writing me continuous posts” no hun, I wrote you 3 anons because I ran out of space, and even all of them combined isn’t even close to the length of your posts. And can you stop saying that you’re laughing and putting “LOL”? I laugh all the time when I read dumb things but I don’t put it because that’s what people say to hide their anger/embarrassment/etc. when they aren’t really laughing. It’s just pathetic. ((i need that gif of Dakota rolling her eyes right now))

Btw, some time ago someone posted on the tags with this really long post that didn’t even make sense about the Ostrenga’s being a client of theirs. The post was so weird and poorly written that I didn’t even think anyone would reply unless they said ’who the hell are you and what are you on about’, but then you reblogged it and praised the person on being “unbiased” or something like that. I think everyone is accusing that of being your other account.

I didn’t “leave.” I have this thing called “a life.” Mine happens to involve things that will, without warning, drag me away from my much less important internet life for unknown lengths of time. Deal with it.

Although I’m only bothering to respond to someone who spent most of this entire post outright attacking me just so I can say I thought you were notahateblog, simply because that’s the person I’ve been speaking to. And no, I didn’t actually say much of anything beyond agreement that I laugh at things the “truth” blogs post sometimes, which is true. Absolutely freaking true. And a lot would be solved here if people would stop putting whatever spin they wanted on people’s words and actually took them for what they were. But I suppose that’s asking for too much.

ETA: Although, and it pains me to say this to someone who did spend so many words telling me how wonderfully I suck, thank you for finally explaining what the fuck everyone is talking about, even if you did manage to do it a slightly insulting way. It’s still nice to know, and I appreciate someone actually explaining it to me.

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Anonymous asked: 1. Kiki gave out herself that the homophobic video was 2 years ago, in the video Dakota says "I'm older than 14", If she was older than 14 two years ago then she's not 16 right now. 2. The police report. 3. The birthday cake. 4. Several people who knew her have all said it. 5. People who knew her from myspace said it. etc. etc. etc. Stop saying that the truth blogs are "hilarious". You have nothing to laugh about when everything you say is always confronted with someone that debunks your posts.

You have debunked exactly nothing. Nothing. We weren’t even talking about the police report. I neither brought it up nor defended it nor commented on it at all. So yes, you getting very upset and writing me continuous posts about something I never actually said anything about is really, really funny. LOL

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Anonymous asked: Way before the police report even appeared on tumblr people have always stuck with the idea that her birthday is 1993. Go back several pages in PrettyUglyLittleliar's blog and someone had said months ago that Dakota was "one year and one day younger than Kiki" and proceeded to put her birthday as September 19, 1993. Along with several other people who have claimed they knew her, what a coincidence that the police report's birthday mistake matches up with the suspected date.

Again, as I said before, for now, no comment.